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Business Unit Strategy
Although most of the corporations have strong and successful corporate strategies, they find it hard to optimize the success at each business unit level for maximizing overall success. Eventually, they find it hard to define strategic priorities, allocate their resources efficiently and align their business units. Vento Strategy Consulting helps its clients develop long-term strategic plans for their business units that analyze each unit’s customer breakdown, units’ contribution to overall profitability, and growth trends and business development opportunities for each unit.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
In today’s business environment, understanding customer needs and retaining valuable customers are crucial. Most of the corporations often handle managing their relationship with their customer just by installing software available in the market without setting strategies and putting operational plans in place. Vento Strategy Consulting help its clients design and implement front office and back office operations, set business relationship with other suppliers/vendors that support their CRM operations and conceive an analysis structure that analyzes their CRM data in order to evaluate the success of their business activities.

Sales Strategies
Vento Strategy Consulting provides its clients solutions and services that target sales performance improvement. Through unique combination of innovative insight and deep industry analyses, Vento teams help them develop sales growth strategies and processes that increase sales closures and effectiveness of responses at sales points.

Channel Management
Today, companies reach their end-users through several sales channels (traditional, direct, web, retail accounts etc.) without measuring the efficiency and profitability of these channels and suitability of their products or services to these channels. Vento Strategy Consulting help its clients determine successful channel management strategies for each specific channel they operate, and initiate inter-departmental coordination for long-term effectiveness and efficiency of these strategies. More >>






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